Human Capital Development

Participants will be taught leadership as it relates to managerial practice, as the vision and alignment that a leader brings to an organization’s culture influence performance. The courses will explore both contemporary and historic leaders and their styles. The courses also emphasize a practical managerial analysis of the legal and ethical parameters within which businesses must operate in today’s transitional, virtual and competitive environment. Participants will be equipped with a clear understanding of the rights and ethical considerations of all persons and stakeholders in an organizational hierarchy, as it is fundamental to maximizing productivity, avoiding litigation and complying with applicable law.

Some of the learning outcomes include: understanding how leadership influences performance, the philosophies of contemporary quality theorists, and the factors that influence functional organizational behavior.

Human Resources and Personnel Management contact ippean New York February 6 – 14;June 12 -19
Strategic Human Resources and Organizational Development New York March 20 – 27;July 10 -17
Performance Measurement, Motivation and Personnel Development New York June 19 – 26;August 8 -14
Leadership, Business Ethics and Quality Management New York February 6 – 13;Sep. 4 -11
Managing Individual and Group Behavior New York June 5 – 13;Sep 12 -19
Employee Benefits and Retirement Planning New York May 01 – 08;July 03 -11
Workforce Management for HR Professionals New York May 09 – 15;July 11 -18
The Legal and Ethical Regulations of the Employment Environment New York May 16 – 23;July 19 -25


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