Supply Chain and Project Management

Process Project Management in the Public Sector

Participants will be taught the five distinct areas of project management as it relates to the public or private sector: initializing processes, planning processes, executing processes, controlling processes and closing processes. Upon successful completion of the courses, participants will be able to devise and maintain a detailed project, plan to accomplish the business needs that the project was undertaken to address; determine and coordinate appropriate human, financial and technical resources to carry out the plan; and create an assessment process that ensures the project objectives are accomplished.

The program entails an introduction to the integrated study of quality management in terms of technology and human capital. Also, the relationship of technology and the optimal use of human resources towards the enhancement of the competitive position of the firm or government unit will be examined.

Excellence in Process Management: The six sigma approach contact ippean New York March 06 – 14;Sep 04 -11
Transforming Public Sector Service Delivery through Information
Systems Technology
New York March 13 – 20;Sep 11 -18
Creating enabling Environment for Tourism Development New York March 20 – 27;Sep 18 -25
Impact Assessment of Public Sector Projects New York April 03 – 10;August 7 -14
Public Sector Project Management New York April 10 – 17;August 14 -21
Total Quality Control and Management New York April 17 – 24;August 21 -28
Evaluation of Programs in the Public Sector New York May 15 – 22;July 03 -10

Supply Chain Management

Courses listed below are designed to meet the needs of participants seeking to understand and manage complex, interconnected supply chain systems in developing countries. Through business cases, literature and the completion of a number of projects, participants will learn to identify opportunities and barriers as required, to effectively manage and implement decision making policies associated with support supply chain systems.

Supply Chain Management Fundamentals contact ippean New York February 20 – 27;August 7 -14
Procurement, Contract Negotiation and Management New York March 07 – 13;August 17 -24
Supply Chain through Information Technology New York April 20 – 27;July 10 – 18
Bidding Process and Effective Contract Management New York May 20 – 27;July 24 -31
Excellence in Procurement Management New York June 6 – 13;August 1 – 8


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